Ally Taylor

Ally is the founder and lead trainer at Movewell Fitness and Wellbeing. 

She love love loves helping people to reach their full potential and be their best self. That's different for everyone and isn't always about physique or weight. Many of Ally's clients have worked with other trainers and end up with her on referral after an injury, but stay because of her wealth of knowledge and ability to work to any movement goal in a fun, progressive and playful way that constantly challenges and changes. She pushes the bounds of movement and believes that everyone can do anything they want, they just need a little belief and help from the right place. Ally is a movement optimist and no goal is too audacious. 

Most of her clients are 40+ and come from the corporate world (read A type personality) but she also has a few younger clients who work with her on injury rehab and sports performance. (They sounds far apart but are actually quite similar - movement that is specific for the task at hand - be that developing more skill to get better at moving post injury or for sport - the only difference is intensity.) 

She has a special interest in pain science and the power of play and games in overcoming pain. An anxiety sufferer, she also knows first hand the power of exercise in battling mental health issues and empowering the mind as well as the body. 

Qualified at Level 4 (The highest level in fitness) with multiple certifications, qualifications and CPD (over a page of A4 if anyone cares and wants the list). Her interests lie firmly in movement and using the biopscyosocial model to work with clients (that's the whole human, not just the physical bit - you're affected by environment, emotions, beliefs and social influences - yep, deep!) Ally would like people to move more for health and not just for aesthetics. She probably wouldn't suit anyone wanting to do body building as she doesn't believe that split routines are beneficial for most peopled trains the body as an integrated whole, allowing people to train more muscles more often with more rest in between which equals better results.   


Grant Taylor

My passion is simple: help clients to achieve more than they thought possible by themselves. 

I believe that exercise and movement skill is vital to ensure your body remains robust and adaptable thereby reducing the chance of injury. I tend to be a stickler for technique but achieving perfection is just the skill required from which you can move towards movement excellence. Move better, feel better.

My personal history consists of playing both cricket and hockey to a high level and it is from here that I developed my love for movement and training. Two decades of road cycling & teaching Group Fitness classes have helped me to develop both my coaching skills and metal toughness. Riding Milan San Remo cycle race at 300km in one day certainly proved that. 

My desire for continued improvement meant I explored every avenue to improve my physical capabilities and knowledge. I loved training and it was from here that I developed my love & knowledge for performance training. Obviously injury played it's part from time to time. The treatment I received made me question the various protocols. Recently I have focused on the evidence supporting or not supporting various methods of rehabilitation. For perspective clients this means that the movements and support I offer is supported by actual scientific evidence as opposed to the latest fad or industry gimmick. 

In a nutshell: I am a serious and driven trainer who expects the same amount of effort from my clients that I put into both planning and coaching through the session. I aim to give you the skills and confidence to achieve movement mastery. I will always ask questions and continue to both learn and develop in order to be better for you.

Yes we will have fun as well as a bit of banter along the way and together we will learn how to help your body become the best version of itself it can be.